Rage Transcends

    Anger and rage are now redundant, I have replaced them with wrath and vengeance that is fueled by rejection and hatred

    They roll over the landscape like storms and clear the debris, help me see the true state of play, the scars of unfulfilled happiness cut deep into the land

    So I will allow the storms to come again and feel the crap storms of emotional hell give me more scars and resentment, with which to fuel my self-destructive flare

    Somewhere under the layers lies a glimmer of hope to bring me back to the realm of the happy and the sane, till I get too nervous and once more welcome the pain


3 thoughts on “Rage Transcends

      • Stupid psyche tests always ruin shit for me. And ya know, we just need a celebrity spokesperson to start the tinfoil hat fashion revolution. They can have their “brand”, we can have our “hide in plain sight” thing and no one need ever know…

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