I hide behind my humanity an inhuman beast, its claws are scorched with sulphuric ash, its breath a toxic mix

The humanity that fronts it is flawed at best, cracks in the surface lead to caverns to make fragile minds an edge beyond lost

Yet such depraved depths of endless lost will pale in the pain of what would be done by the inhuman beast

Clouds of raging thunder underlie the storms that hit with wrathful lightning, cleaves the fabric of men’s flesh

A maze a map of endless ends to fence the fool who tries in vain to invade my mind, ends the beginnings to a winding maze

All to blind from the hatful view of what would bring in ash the forms of things to be damned by even the dead

Bring the thing of creatures cruel and try as you weakly might to damage me, the shallow shell a mere veil to what lies below

The claws a fresh with blood from the fragile sin of the storm cleaved flesh, raging over mazes where the headless prey do run

Till she walks the raging clouds, breaks the mazes wall and matches claws with the self I hide within


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