Avert thy eyes those whom are innocent

Demons m’boy
They will drive men to madness, and the mad to the boudoirs of Loose women
And should an angel come’a’calling, to offer redemption
Slip her a fifty and tell her, I will be waiting for her in my bed at ten
The devil can wait til morning, for tonight I plan to have some sinful fun
The angel will not be returning to heaven when I’m done!

Avert your eyes sweet innocents, for this is where the damned reside
Angel wings for sale, next to the box of ruined reputation and fallen pride


Worlds of shadows


Alas the world did colour me a shade, and that world was one of shadows
The only tones a shadow sees are black in every possible connotation
So by rights my nature will be darker
The bottle from which I drink, that much crueler

Persona projected perceptions to blind the horde

Perception and reality are but tools to those that possess fractured psychologies

Those that shift tectonic plates of personality to make thier world what others wish to see

When the truth of a broken psyche lies at the unstable core on the dark side of a chasm deep scar

Where few will see the vulnerable honesty of a good person trapped by the ultimately corrupting flaw

To the World

Let us write a demon of creative code within the matrix of a pure mind, corrupting essence to fill nightmare visions with infernal fear

A letter string of choas and a sin filled flurry of words to curse thier soul with insinuated horrors that make mockeries of inherent flaws

As to the collection of bodies we call the human race we throw the world a star of inevitable destruction in rythmic, sacrificial burn

Sweet Whispers

What sweet whispers sucicidal intent doth tell
The truths of a tombstone in subtle tones
The velvet roped voice manipulating around a throat
For the thankfully damned a well known friend
As the blissfully numb find peace
The depressive finding calm in a graveyard
Staring at thier own fate, written in stone