Sanity: The frog that sits on my coffee table and calmly goes ribbit to remind me not to act rashly or insensitively towards useless sacks of flesh that piss me off… Ribbit

Humanity: Something I once owned but sold to the frog on my coffee table, so he could act as my sanity

Ribbit: The frog makes one noise, so not sure what the hell it means when it says it, could be ‘You’re insulting someone’ or just ‘Ribbit’!


5 thoughts on “Ribbit

    • Try adding tones and variations on length of how long it takes to pronounce, confuse folks more!
      Or pretend to be a frog when you say it…. Really mind fuck them!!
      Or be sane, but that’s way too boring, not for a normal, happy, sociable and merry sounding person as yourself….. Ha ha HAAAAAAAAA
      Don’t ever stop been broken

      • Meh, broken implies that I cannot be fixed. I am BENT. I can be whipped into a semblance of “functional”. It just doesn’t stick.
        Oddly, I am good with that. Bent is way more interesting than that normal thing.

      • You forgot my scale of perspective, broken is good to me and by no means a bad thing, broken merely implies that one logical route is inoperative and therefore more interesting solutions are to be found
        And I get the whole ‘doesn’t stick’ thing, I’ve burned through more coping devises and cognitive thinking shit to know I just end up corrupting them, the only thing I haven’t tried is a relationship… They don’t prescribe those on the NHS!!

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