If ever there was a word spoken in serious tones and dangerously loaded with intent, to change a room full of faces
Bulls in china shops with caffeine for blood and on a cocaine have caused less eggshell cracking baby steps
It’s a bomb in the conversation to kill any exchange of merry words, an anti-social grenade to turn faces confused and sour

What does one say next?
“How’s that going for you, picked a nice spot” or “I hear pills have ugly side effects if you survive”

What I would say!
“I recommend the buffet, die on a full stomach atleast, and atleast get pissed or laid first!”
If words were weapons, that one word would be locked in a safe for any happy gathering

Then again, I’m broken and living on the Borderline anyway!


2 thoughts on “Sucicidal

    • That would be life playing a joke on the cosmic level, as if I would be aware of sucicide awareness week… I’m aware of sucicide and the lure of that big red button all the time!
      Damned epic cosmic joke the bloody button was sucicide proofed for my protection\torture, depends on how my day is going!

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