Formalities of Relationships!

The male formality of listing all the reasons a women could be annoyed, just to be chewed out for been insensitive
And have it pointed out that it’s something completely different!

The list a man works through
Your friend did something
You feel fat
You think I’ve offended you
I have offended you and I’m too dumb to know how
I said “that looks good” but was wrong
I left the toilet seat up
I was rude to your mother
Looked at another women
Didn’t clean the sink after shaving
I forgot an anniversary or birthday
I wasn’t rude to your mother!
I breathed… That’s a classic and still going
I thought you wanted a 50inch TV with sports package to watch that show about clothes and things

Slap, “You never listen do you?”

“I’m a man, what do you expect”



6 thoughts on “Formalities of Relationships!

  1. Male Owner’s Manual:

    “I’m okay.”
    Translation: “I am man, I do not discuss feelings but I still have them so you should know when I am okay and when I am not.”

    Yeah, the penis packers are so much simpler than us. 😉

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