A Mercs final speech

“I may fall to causes that to me mean jack shit in a deal and a whole bunch of crap, give blood to battles that many forget or just can’t be fucked to mark or too drunk to recount and go through hell for blood soaked hard cold cash, the only master to which I raise my gun and let curdling freakish battle cries ring out

But in bars I will be remembered as the crazy arsed fucking devil I was, be a lesson for the damned as in shrill, weak and naive tones my ‘betters’ cast me as demon, sinner and fallen saint

Enemies who remain, I’m an easy A nightmare grade memory burned into thier heads

But damned if my name ain’t ringing out from here to hell itself, into where on the fiery wings of friggin flaming beasts I will ride half pissed and calling curses to God himself

It ain’t sunny beaches and bikinis, but as retirement homes go, not the worse, and the big red guy himself is buying the drinks!”


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