A Recipe from Hell

To begin you will need pure crazy and a will to poison the nature of humanity, with a good sized oven and a spark of genesis to make the mix come alive

Now take the base recipe of sanity, happiness and fluffiness, adding a hint of demonic essence for a fiery taste to make it blaze bright, and reduce it to something more ruthless and cold to the touch

A pinch or two of angelic bliss to calm and sooth when the heat gets too toasty high, so to keep from burning the end result from within

Now mix in a definitive streak of unholy wrath to pepper the recipe with a fine wire edge of chaos, lessening the chances of any comprehension of normality by the masses standards, making it hotter than a day in hell temper wise to boot

Adding with a healthy stir, you now need to sprinkle in a refined spice of instability as an alternative to ward off predictability, without which the final product won’t be jack rabbit wired and likely to alienate as much as it’ll confuse

Make sure you pour in a whole cup of creative flavours for the artistic flaring, as without some imaginative perspective the mix will implode in self destructive fashion

Make sure to match this with a measure of random instinctive fizz, before settling it in a mould and placing it in the oven until lightly bronzed, a spark of genesis should be applied upon removing it from the heat

Top the final product with a glaze of socially acceptable normality, a fine layer of projected sanity to cover the crazy inside; making everyone blind to the monster you just created

Congratulations on making your first, and hopefully last, anti-social bar steward/artist/depressive, or most likely all in one!


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