The Anniversary PT 2

Part 1

Each as resolute as the other in their dangerous dance of wits and threats, thinly veiled loathing manifesting in a form of open volatility, Sarah pushed the point without breaking skin, Derricks hand had risen to Sarah’s neck, equally applying the least, yet glaringly hostile, pressure to her fair skin.

The doorbell chimed with a shrill sounding conclusion to their mutual glare “That’ll be our guests dear, won’t you let them in like a gentlemen?” Sarah forcefully requested of him, feeling her neck muscles pulse against Derricks tightening hand “or at least pretend to be a gentlemen tonight” she relished her concluding insult.

The two cautiously parted as Derrick left to open the door, Sarah taking care of the broken wine glass “Oh welcome, come in” Derrick jollily boomed a welcome towards unseen guests “Sarah is making diner but make yourself at home” he positively offered his guests. As they cleared the hallway and saw Sarah slaving away merrily in the kitchen she beamed a megawatt smile “Come in, me and Derrick were just talking about how our day has been” she warmly informed a slightly plump looking couple as Derrick offered them a drink, a smile as bright as Sarah’s.

The plump looking women couldn’t help but say, glancing at both their glorious displays of overflowing joy “How do you stay so happy after all these years?”

“Sometimes I just want to smother her with flowers, because she’s just so warm and sweet” Derrick the first to loudly declare his love, Sarah fed off the undercurrent of resentment that fuelled their act “And I have to stop myself from strangling him” a pause “with pure love, he’s just so loyal” the firmly gripped knife lunged in his direction.

The anniversary dinner was going to be a great success


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