Writing 201: Challenge 2

Day 2: Gift, Acrostic, Simile

    Perplex the play of a single one

    One drop of this poems word in her mug of rum

    In dark remorse of a forgotten sum

    Signs the Faustian contract to have vengeance won

    Omitting to voice a crafty condition in the deal done

    Not my soul gifted for fatal deeds, but that of our son

    Sinfully spawned of a tryst my wife had with another man

< * * * <> * * * >

She draws on my nerves as an archer stretches the strings of a bow

To release a poison barb in similar fashion to an executioner readying the firing line

My heart to shatter as glass on the kitchen floor

The crystal goblet falling to its tiled end

As she announces she’s gone

The barb a fracturing blow as my world falls apart

As the wedding gift of matching goblets reduces to one, I am alone

Rivers of pain in a single tear

If I was human, I would cry


7 thoughts on “Writing 201: Challenge 2

  1. You are Human, as all the rest of us. Beware the Werwolf, it has no friend and is manifest Poison.
    Thank you

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