Writing 201: Challenge 3

Day 3: Skin, Prose Poem, Internal Rhyme

    An ashen sheen over paper bones

    Flesh as vines do twist and bend

    Skin of cold in reddened tones

    A fragile shell to house a mind

    As over jagged cuts

    Depressions sin

    Fleshy paint does grow and mend

    Once a will to cut the threads

    Now bled out of open wounds

    My form of human mesh

    Will heal and hide this chapters end

    Afresh in life I will walk a lively step

    Energy flows as hope renews

    To my fractured soul I must tend

    Ashen sheen over paper bones

    A trick I learned as this phoenix burns


2 thoughts on “Writing 201: Challenge 3

  1. I’ve read this poem and the one that comes after. I trust the comment about a razor and a warm bath is sardonic. That would be a waste of life and talent (not being sardonic). Combining ash and paper bones, as occurs at the start and toward the end, is as compelling as it is creative. You write strongly about mortality, to say the least. But then there is hope in the phoenix. Thank you!

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