Blood from/on Stones

There is an adage about getting blood from stones, which I am happy to explain

There was an over talkative idiot endlessly droning on to an anti-social bar steward, for which time was not a luxury and maybe the term ‘Bad Mood’ fell woefully short of the volcanic silence projected back

The bar steward calmly proceeded to remove an innocent rock from the ground and impact with forceful intention the inanimate object upon the idiots cranium, rather hollow given their oblivious nature to the raising of a large stone with ‘forceful’ intent

When the anti-social type was asked by the recently unconscious (blissfully so) idiot, he replied ” I was getting blood from a stone” a wry smile in pure sarcastic tone

And so history was agonisingly reminded by the over talkative one about an ‘old  phrase’, the bar steward enjoying a quiet private joke with his mates, as many annoying idiots have experienced memory gaps forever since


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