Writing 201: Day 5

Day 5: Maps, Ode, Metaphors

A map of bottles, glasses framed mountains bordering vodka shores where alcohol crashes sandy shores 

The cities wooden in bar shaped forms, people there are gods of drunken storms of painful yells

Deserts stained in ink that runs from broken hearts

Barmen navigate conduits of negative currents as through tears and screams, the damned they serve

Waterfalls of melancholy reasons marked in dark corners of the sacred page and decides which drink to pour

Books burned of hateful flame and consummated in lustful flare from whores who profit from men’s pain

This hole of human nature and kindness gone ode to lovers spurned by wistful words

So patrons follow ashen paths with maps of depressions core for women only referred to as “her”

Each and every scar I bare a patron here and united in common cause

For love

For life

For hate

For her

Ode to that bitch called love

I will drink the damage done to oblivion and beyond

For her I scream in darkened rooms as daggers fresh are shot from perfect eyes

The one cursed virtue is that the place this map leads is where no one cries

Should floods run ink into more poison rivers of vengeful verse


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