Writing 201: Day 10

Day 10: Pleasure, Sonnet, Apostrophe

To inscribe a sonnet was the wish

Words dressed up frilly and polite

Forms and prose in standard forms he tried to write

Casting efforts of formality folly to please the script as casted


But fingers dancing in the moonlight drift. Letters channelled to formations wild as the mind’a’mad to cast the verse a crazy rig. Music flowing in every fevered step of the creative process burnt in embers of sanities fix. Her voice a poison to chill the verse of twitchy wit to stain a seed in emotional ink. So cast a glance a gale a wind of something lost in rabid thread from negative needles in the vein. Eyes so fidgety as to the pond the frogs all pretty thought he was one of the them. Levels levelled in the wildest dreams of memories broke and blended in every corner of the mind possessed. Sonnet be damned and to regulation the songbirds sing a note to fry the brain in tempered tone. As true to eyes a jumping and music hopping in noble form with frogs all wired and running laps. Pleasure in the depths of drugged fuelled manic with no such chemical running rivers through metal to dead skin. Happy state knows no logic in solid walls of fractured mazes where sane folk trip on the verb of panic. Her tongue doth tell the poets pen the way to write in waters shallow of the deepened automatic. Last moons rise and new sun curses wills of ways in wings of doves rigging rapids wild. Pleasure had and bodies crashing in merry drops to ceiling lay downs right way up for the artists measures


So to end this sonnet interrupted

The psychologies that wrote it corrupted


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