Conversation in shades of bleak

Where am I? Asks the darkly dressed gentlemen that finds himself in a place reminiscent of an Edgar Allen Poe story 

The bottom Replies a less steady looking gentlemen nursing a glass in his hand

How deep is this? The visitor looks upwards with fleeting hope

How deeply fucked is your state of mind? Dead eyes dimly judging the visitors annoying lack of cognitive process

What the hell do you do around here? The visitor showing signs of panic in his fidgety movements, darting eyes

There’s a bar over in that corner, a razor blade and rope store to your left and a movie theatre showing every failed moment of that thing you call a life that’a’ways Slight movements of the now empty glass in each direction

That sounds horrific, how do I get out of this hell? Screams the visitor, only to get a raised eyebrow from the drunkard

Think positively, and stop referring to hell cause the devil comes here to escape his day job Lack of interest about to drive the unwilling welcome committee back to the aforementioned bar

Positively, don’t get it? The visitor calming slightly as a ghoulish looking barman shoves a drink in his shaking hand 

Given that revelation, please for all that’s unholy and damned in this shithole, do not ask why you’re here Parting words as the very at home fellow is returning swiftly, if a little unsteadily, back to the bar

What now? Shouts the visitor, a few sips of the amber coloured liquid in his glass visible settling his nervous behaviour

Stand like a lemon to welcome the next poor fuck, or join me for a drink Shouts back the drunkard, already two refills down


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