Hopping clouds, flipping the bird to life and droningly singing random crap in your clutter afflicted abode

Yawning widely, rubbing eyes and planning when your pillow can lovingly caress with restful bliss a weary head

Signs as ever in the history of signpost marking events that the week needs to end and brains over burdened are perilously perched on the cliff like edge

Not only required is the peaceful embrace of rest but a broad side of manic charged crazy, the laden decks of this ship back breakingly over stacked, inherit instability the lullaby of madmen’s charms to rock this beast to be without provoke released

Flames asunder and held in check when willingly calm winds are needed to carry into ports with bars the crew wall bouncing to the source of a drink

The weekend is calling with shrill tones in a manner most bemused, for it knows it is salvation for one over pushed

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