Hatred, too pure

Hatred has many levels, many forms and to those who earn mine to the level one person has, a thing of cavernous Hell to which damnation seeks hollowing cries of mercy

Such devouring forces are not to be casually swept aside in callous fashion for within the fractures of rageful glare, to burn for an eternity would be a blessing when the true nature of what I wish to inflict shadows by miles

There is one saving respite for this wretchedly jagged imitation of a soul I so intently desire to inflict an infinity of divisive pain, that of the twisted countermeasure to balance my carnivorous potential for destruction in evils name
I am a good person

For now

“But once to poke and then again, this beast I keep will tear into my provocateurs flesh with merry fucking Hell, should the fool persist when eyes glow red and the blood doth flow”

WARNING: This post is too happy to read, folks might be offended at the rays of sunshine

Of all the things that have been taken

Why won’t anyone relieve me of my humanity?

It was shit in the beginning and I ain’t so impressed with it now

I’ll take depression, self loathing and pure breed fires of negativity cause they do what they say on the fucking tin

Life, humanity and emotions…. Don’t see the point in them these days,  relics of days passed when I could smile without sarcastic burn, laugh at happy fluffy crap

Now what?

Pain, stress and ill intent for my own forsaken health

Fuck you life, with jingling F’ing bells on it