The note that loved ones fear to read

Alas the tears fail to fall, but the blood from my wrists will suffice
The noose a warm embrace as the cold front of life does condemn with heartless ice

A step from the ledge, away from that which seeks to seep from my soul what wishes to raise a merry toast
If only to say goodbye from mortal state, if only I were born without the will to survive

To see from the razors edge is not to breathe in all the wonderous escapes
But to know all that lies beyond Sanities reach, and be made mad as such is the curse
To have to hold and keep all that twists the knife, void of the one who could relieve the burden of broken truths

So to my humanity I say rest in peace, what wrecked remains still stand of the man you served will join you in the grave
When I can find the sweet flavour of death, the sweet taste of relief

By rope, razor or cliff, or that eternal demise known as love
If only the will were so weak as to make a motion of a blade across the throat, my flesh a mere facade to be called a person
Should the other inmates of this Hell called life ever need to perceive me as one of the happy flock

I would do the decent thing and kill myself, but I can’t seem to write a decent suicide note!”


2 thoughts on “The note that loved ones fear to read

  1. This wouldn’t disturb me so much if I knew you were as poor as I am and could only afford razor blades barely fit to trim stray chin hairs let alone harm flesh…

    Seriously. Poetic as your writing is, you are starting to make me look like a sunshine spewer so knock it off and be gloomy without the connotations of death! My ego cannot handle the competition, dude! ❤

    • Knowing my fucked up mood, I’ll be singing sunshine daisy songs to bunnies and running through fields tomorrow
      And when I do write a decent note to sign off, I’ll give you a heads up so you can follow it with a grieving widow style piece and keep your crown
      Oh Queen of the Damned!
      (Or high priestess, I’ll let you decide)

      PS: You’ve raised my mood from cliff staring to only thinking about cliffs!

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