The Sweet Vibes of a Self Destructive Instinct

The ferocious beast bares it’s fangs, a step too far and you know the brief light of life satisfaction will be viciously snuffed but where the sane do take to flighty step the one who remains is in turmoil locked. To retreat is by even a retarded frogspawn’s judgement the best plan in facing insurmountable odds but normal logic plays a backseat and grins as two sides tensely draw lines and argue it out.

One side claims to be as an angelic version of sanity and pleads for a safely considered plan as the other side flashes a hideously deformed grin, an expression known well to afflicted as ‘self destructive tendencies’ as others scoff at the absurdity of walking into those gapping jaws. The fearful idea is not the fact that with blind willing an action may be taken to enhance ones own demise in theatrical fashion, and where as the idea that there is such a willing may reduce many to quivering wrecks of legendary status I scarily say there is something more terrifyingly fearful.

This titanic sized revelation as to reduce men to wrecks is that after the jaws have mauled all but a stubborn fleck of self respect and left the self imposed victim in tatters, is that without second thought or regret this wreckage of a once attemptedly functional person will just as easily do so again, to the jaws make a leap. Worse still they will not contemplate the guilt but more happily and with drunken cheer pass such enormous personal suicide onto the ‘self destructive tendencies’ and feel nothing…. at all, except a level of anger and unachievable rage to be fuel for the next suicidal attempt.

On the other hand it’s like having the ultimate get out of jail free clause!
So screwed is he who would ride the sweet vibe of self destructive highs, so the madman said to his unforgiving internalised rage.


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