Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa love Blaaaaaaaaaa Pain etc

When once I was younger and could pass as sane, a madman did preach to me about the words of ruin that lay in the path beyond love that causes men pain

I saw but a drunkard in lesser shades, clothes of a nature tattered and not in fit state to cover a man, so ignore words of wisdom is the crime for which I am struck by shame

Now in the years I hath followed the red brick path of love and all its enlightened tomes, the failings and fractures that have driven mortal mind insane do echo words spoken by a madman in June

Yet the broken pieces of what once resembled a working thing do ask and request in endless summons I keep seeking that red hearted wretched fame

So with blackened armour and skin of stone, icy layers to chill mere merry folk to the core of their bones, I seek an accomplice in this every harder game

One who can match my ill-tempered weary and callous distain with such fiery fury to scorn my demons to where they cower and scream

Such worthy a women will reveal the doorway once bright and serene, take hold the handles and which brief effort open the place only rumoured and written of in imagined scenes

And what awaits will amaze her, even if only for a passing season before events truthfully reveal that friendship or nothing fits better in place of a ring



2 thoughts on “Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa love Blaaaaaaaaaa Pain etc

    • I have an ex that resurrects a bunch of crazy doubt and thought invoking suicidal crazy baggage when she contacts me
      Thus with the lack of luck since her I might be Jaded to the core and not so hot on ‘love’ anymore

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