The Hour has come; Run!

The hour has darkened and the mood is grim

Sly fucking bar stewards are slinking into shadows as my demons make a move

The edge of damnation says it all with a flick of a grin and glass very much full

Where once there was a human a beast stalks the halls

That fleshly piece of shit ain’t worth it and I killed it all with honest sin

All that lingers is a form of night with eyes bright and ready to kill

Resentment runs as water with hated loving the swim

Before that morbid fall to humanity and emotional shit I will take hell and drink dry all that bodes ill

Now cometh the hour and for a brief blink I am able to enjoy all I burned with an evil glint

Beware the black eyes of demons but steer clear of mine when dead is all you see

And should this side of me you see you’re either in for a treat or royally done



2 thoughts on “The Hour has come; Run!

    • After feeling wretched, ill and slightly less than positive…. The mood hits and I’m possessed!
      The words ‘move or die’ have never had such a wonderful air as when spoken in connection to why I hate happy people and resent folk that have complete lives, then again I might be a tad screwed up!?

      “Such dark moods do such wonderful acts become, an image of mine eyes possessed do make demons run”

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