Unforgivable Fun!

Hi, my names…..

And I’m an anti-social, rage filled, burn folks to a crisp with a mere word bar steward

And I love it!

Shock… Horror… Disdainful looks upon the gaping faces of the masses

At this stage I should in cowering fashion retreat to the tepid corners of a shadowy existence, revealing myself only to beg on humble knee for the rare sunlight of a briefly forgiving look but I don’t much care to today. If that’s how you feel I suggest a rapidly enhanced removal to serene vistas where false morality shines from thine perfect arse in equally condemning blaze to the sun.

May you burn up by the heat of your own smugness and evaporate to a higher plain of arseholeness

Every time I say that unrepentant burst of horrendously blunt logic to act as red hot knife to an idiots buttery existence I smile, yes I said it ‘I smile’ and with no regret stand stoically grand by my remark as I am met by shaming waves of silence. This I must humbly admit does not endear mortal souls to my immortal old rage, shocking I know but has to be said!

So may the dark corners absorb my lesser railings against the fantastical delusions of folks I could so guiltlessly offend with great relish, old rage consume greedily all the hatred at my disposal that unrequited lays festering in its cage.

For if I too offend the masses, who will be left to occasionally be victim to storm like torrid outbursts of words that shy even the strongest of mental constitutions, and where will I have my fun in that most apparently disrespectfully but honest laden fashion?

So with merry abandon I say ‘fuck you world’ and wish you a great night!


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