So the feather duster has settled a score with that hellion ball of dust adorning the exercise machine so enthusiastically purchased weeks ago, at least the fluff monster you just honourable challenged with a precision engineered cleaning instrument got some use out of it! (the resulting workout you had in order to defeat it enough to repent)

The day is begun in earnest effort, but dragging dismally into the afternoon of dire boredom… wait, is that a new bit of dust on the mantle… and with a briefest required endeavour it’s back to the frustratingly lingering boredom.

The question hangs heavy in the air as it appears to enjoy taunting you “What now?” an edge of cruelty dripping in its tone, no less a reason required but to know it mercilessly has you by the balls.

So indeed it stands to answer, what now?

Since I’ve resorted to writing this, open to suggestions!



2 thoughts on “Bored

    • I’ll call on the A-team, with thier know how they can construct complex vehicles to combat the evil dust bunnies
      Then when they lose I’ll use the life insurance to buy you a new house and a 24hr cleaning service!

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