The 14th Pt3

Penguin Day 2

To the clinically cursed singles, anti social specialists and that elitist gathering of time lacking individuals whose lives deny the happy embrace of another, I offer not the damningly discouraging ‘valentines wishes’ or even more drearily so ‘hope you’re spending time with loved ones’…. bucket, razor blade and blissful absence of living temptingly result in that order from such an incendiary mix of putrefying remarks.

I refer your much besieged higher functions to that hallowed of occasion’s event ‘Penguin Day’ where in the finely attired creature resides above the majestic reach of a stunning vista, glass in hand, and signals respectfully to the grandest mother of them all for her natural beauty, nature. With only the blessed company of those he/she feels worthy to share the epic moment, not a corrupting drip of poisonous emotion branded into pleasant society as the deceptively simple ‘Love’ or forth warningly as ‘romance’ (I shudder at the most meagre reference to those demonic words) to ruin the mood.

So raise a glass of choice with me as we see this year’s overly sized and reddened heart shaped misery subside into another year’s memory, and should you feel the wish/necessity to refill said glass of salvation, I’m right there with you!

To those whose scorn positively pours upon the screen with malice aimed at how I do slander the name/curse of ‘Love’ I offer only the hope that any who do not find fault in my words will find their black hearted companion before the twelve month countdown painfully ticks and tocks its way to this time in 2017, so they too can revel in merriment of another’s company for the viewing of that grandiose vista under the starry sky.

So Happy Penguin Day folks


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