I must humbly apologise to my readers, I hath cast a great injustice for which I am required to grovel desperately to beg for repentful looks upon my wretched form

For years I have crudely used the basic terminology “Anti-social” and underplayed the levels of advanced perception us fallen creatures that once clung to the label ‘human’ have developed

The term is here by evolved, as one of your number has informed me, to “Socially Selective” and may this echo tauntingly in the hollow minds of those void of mental ability to see the true scope of dare I say it… Human nature

And to all who read my blog, put up with the dark patches of obscure silence, curse words, potential offence I cause and increasing bills for anti-depessants after absorbing my depressive waves of crushing fatalism

You make my dark cloud smile a bit more, so the shitstorm hails and thunders a bit less!


9 thoughts on “HOLD THE PRESS

  1. I am sticking with socially selective as I have yet to hear it used in psych profiles for serial killers. Anti-social gets tossed out left and right and it’s a misnomer as they have to interact socially to murder people, duh.

    Yeah, I know. I am a special kind of fucked up.

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