Social Filters from Hell, that they sent back!

The decay of a social filter and the epic demise of all that bands morality infused wordidge to the flaking remnants of socially passable communication lies within many mitigating circumstances. Conversational exchanges hinge precariously on the finest of strings combined to make what appears in verbal form a measure of gauged reaction, person X may insult idiot Y with a glib offhand reveal of their damning stupidity, person F(ucked!) will throw back in acidic coated flare an equally insulting barb in merry jest.

Person X means in no mean intent to cause offence with casually exploding verbal’s of a landmines quality of destruction but filters define that destructive exchange to be normalised insanity, when comparative quality of historical interactions bid such bluntness a regular account. Idiot Y can’t help being born into fluffy fucking happiness and lay in flowery fucked fields of conflict free confetti! person X can’t help a wicked razor flash of that terrible grin when idiot Y dynamically recoils in horror!


Example 1:

 Idiot Y: I’m so depressed; I must be so terrible ill

 Person X: Throw yourself off a bloody cliff and save us your bitching, and text me the location of that cliff so I make sure it finishes the job of saving humanity from your verbal pollution

 Idiot Y would respond but they collapsed in shocked horror


Example 2:

 Person X: I need to kill myself quick, this crap shoot just ran me over with a damned eighteen wheeler

Idiot Y: Oh my, language please… and it can’t be that bad

 Idiot Y doesn’t last long enough to collapse in this case!


Example 3:

 Person X: I need to kill myself quick, this crap shoot just ran me over with a damned eighteen wheeler

Person F: You won’t feel the pain when the next one steam rollers your remains, the cops won’t know where your remains finish and mine start after that eighteen wheeler hits me later


Let us observe I am not one to restrain the verbal poison simmering so unceremoniously beneath that finer than sand line I call an attempt at appearing less abrasive, idiot Y does not so wish to even want to rank high in my opinion given the ungodly taint that hazardous collusion may bring.

In conclusion:

Being mentally fucked creates great one liners, but has the side effect of burning bridges

But in the inescapable ruining cloud of positivity to over shadow my stormy conclusion, if you ain’t burning a bridge, that person is worth knowing

 I’m now off to freely scatter wonderfully offensive bluntness and hope someone does right and save me having to buy my self finishing bullet!


One thought on “Social Filters from Hell, that they sent back!

  1. I choose to use tact in most social situations. I don’t view it as kowtowing but rather being…civilized.
    Having said that…catch me in the wrong mood, say the wrong thing, and verbal evisceration, without apology, will occur.

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