Lovers lies and the lives they make broken things

The creeper in the dark so stealth like, as to pass unseen a cat’s whisker untold in the cold light of day is on the hunt with which every decent fibre screams not to leave on virtue another mark

The glint so deep as a shadow of a thing in the hardest edge of a spy like smile betrays its possessor with the flash of snipers glass, a shot rings out as the victim grips our convicts hands and the bullet meets

No blood, no mess, just a new figure of a ghost to haunt a hundred dreams in frightened sleep, for the fear to wake up and find that the nightmare is over and to live an illusion of happy eyes in another humans longing face is what constitutes their real life

For some the only way to be is what a lie tells a lie for the hope that the curse of others perception is not a curse, but a false truth of a strength to perceive weakness as all in their black heart is twisted well and shot with venom from a corrupted tongue

“I’m fine” “I’m just a bit different” “I can live with that” “Your insults can’t hurt me”, choose your god like lie in all its deceptive power and think not of the bridges burnt in all the guiltless daggers thrown with not so much a second thought

Human cost no more a payment to count a sin of a word with all the cursed purse that with hollow lies you have stolen, from all those who once uttered in silken sheets that one arrow to pass through all the steel plated fragments of a personality pieced together… “I Love you”

What deeper cut can mark with invective pain all that reflection of a creature you once called you soul, but “Your insults can’t hurt me” is all that hurt victim that will be as the ghost may mutter will in pained looks hear, “I’m fine” the final blow

It’s but a test of a type to secure the blackened remains of a matching heart that will one day scar you as freely as that hand of red does wield the scalpel to lesser beings with but three so perfection filled words “I’m fine too”….

For like perception, Love is different when yielded by the broken and the shamed



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