Damned if I know!

From the ashes of nothing we arise to grasp tightly the embers of everything

Against the beast of infinite failure a beacon bright we kill the bleak with indomitable light

So send forth your strength and temper the steel of your unfading grip

An ash of nothing is but a discarded flicker from the flames we stole from all we stand against

So to the line a step is made in name of honour as for causes great we stain red the ground

Or let wealth of ages in the stone of our immortal eyes be so taken as to cast us to the blind

For the price we pay will in our hands a fire burn as a sun and without due care slip into time held owed

So to the ashes of nothing a fated fall in heavy form we once more taste the bitter ground

Be you unworthy and without honour feel free to ignore the captains calls for blood and bone into the melee be thrown, hold back and should we lose our reputation again feel the shame hounding to hell that figment of crap you call an immortal soul

All else who have given thier proper worth I salute with a shot glass in one hand and a bottle to fill it in the other, be at the bar on that cold winters night and with drink tightly gripped we will warm our selves upon the burning weckage of all the enemy sends in thier fated strikes

To comrades in hallowed halls or burning Hell a toast riotously raised will send them to memory with every forsaken cheer we offer in drunken states, no clarity of feeling to muddy the hours forgotten purity of slurred reverence and cat calling fails

And damn if I ain’t just a tad crazy, so keep your distance when I’m all kind of drunk and wielding an acid tongue, should you be ill in my sights for not paying to the victory your fair share

The angels tonight ain’t singing tonight all cause this fucked up crazy bar steward just stole them from the depths of heaven, a bunch of corrupted harpies from the other side of that mortal deal to add flavour to a well screwed up party

So in all that’s damned and redemption lost I say let the vodka flow a plenty, this one has all images of things that the angels will be screaming in the bliss of a bed I own, God to pay morning dues and the devil even hotter fuming as into chaos we launch afresh in daylights cursing rays of head splitting glory


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