Bad Love, Twisted Passion


An acidic emotional response that echoes all that’s wrong with the heartless

An idealised crap storm of all the echoing ills of a societies values turned to peppered dust

For the happy humming hoard of all discontents opposing hatred it fits a noose to the smiling damned

Bad Love

The happy humming hoard cowardly curl into foetal balls in that lone lit corner, a leather clad mistress to diabolically purge their wretched looks of perpetual motioning happiness from dumb struck faces

The dark clad shadow of a man raises tones to satisfyingly burn a perpetual motioning fear from contorted faces, better men faltering with the begging eyes of venomous jealousy for all that black clad god of a figure possesses


Two voices raise hellion volumes of spiteful poison in an exchange to match war zones over the seemingly innocent act of failed coffee making, an eventful days outing from the stammered shuffle of a mornings lie

She takes a glass to the shatter and rough cut curses to his fractured shouting as in the balance a bitch rises to the challenge, he takes a coffee mug to the floor in propelled fashion with offensive words scattershot all over her perfect figure of rageful intentions

M: Bitch You are powerful

W: Bar steward You are strong

M: Slut You’re damn sexy

W: Pig You put nature to shame

M: Whore You’re animalistic

W: Dinosaur I love that you’re stubborn

M: Witch You own me

W: Relic You are my drug

Better minds in overwhelming miscalculation place such heavy shame on the callously shot words from a threatenly loaded mind, cheapened labels of misappropriate and uncaring to colour two persons verbally distasteful trade in false perceived ideals

Lower an edge of corrupting acid into the perceptions and eschew where normality mercifully fell to understand by mortal cost the hidden meanings, see the bad love between two fatally flawed individuals as where once the level sat ill of positive denotation, is just the flip side of a coin

Love a word abortively used for the realities so beautifully twisted, hatred flown hearts need not the relentless bitching of pity but a stronger vice to bind in chains a sword dance of emotionally damaged attraction

“Bad Love, if ever that taste doth not cause reflex you are in the lair of the damned

So drink deep of all it offers with dejected flow and smile a grimly flashed grin in all its horrendous glory”


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