Commit to flame in honest repent a will to care of candid hate

Try in fire and goodness stoked to rapid heat to kill the shade of that savage fist

She begged she fought she pleaded to the lord to hold your rage on that fated day

You begged you fought you pleaded to the lord to strike a force upon you in vicious fury

Air so still and tension cold in half hazard breathes grasping tight saving seconds of a moment bold

A sting has stung in the very blood to leak from the knifes intrusion into human fresh

She stared she screamed she shouted curses to heavens no mortal ears could wish to withstand

Red a colour in quantity so grand does stain her dress from the mortal wound

A disgraced wretch is you in every ounce of what monsters laugh as the joke of fate you have being cast

A stagger long as jagged edge as the knife it was removed against advice of an echoes tone

Looking pale to what you’ve become her skin to match the stare that burns a hole in begging form

Wheels screech as sirens wail in every element of that temporal stretch of a ride to where angels beckon

Her eyes do fail in lower toned screams of pain subside she fades to deathly nothing with hollowing eyes

The knife did go deep enough to sever a heart

She’ll not suffer as the wound still bleeds

Your rage hath ended by a women’s merciful hand

Forced to stab you in the raise of an angered hand

Whether god will forgive or condemn?

No harm to cause the feminine flower of what you once claimed to never hurt will from your sinful form ever be cast


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