Dating Depression with Anxiety as a mistress!

I can in detail depict the very meaning of a working relationship, expertly decipher the very core components of a systematic working of how people interact and interlink in terms of existing as a ‘couple’. I have with my very own eyes witnessed the very most perfect pairings that stand the test of time, and through my job am forced to see evidence of success in this endeavour on epic scales.

Then I look in mirror…

If you ask a robot and a human to solve a problem two very different outcomes will present, logical analysis to procure the very definition of productive results that remedy the fault, or an assessment based on a range of logical and non-logical factors to find some pleasingly satisfying resolution.

Problem: Relationship


Two compatible units of similar values that combine to form a partnership which results in the improvement of both halves of the equation, consequentially leading to a beneficial union that will adapt to match any situation


Two persons between whom love and respect grows to form a loving emotional union that transcends all challenges

I would doubt your intelligence if you suspected I was the human!

Depression and anxiety feed off emotional thinking to the point that sufferers of these conditions may turn to removing emotions from the sum when trying to accomplish any goal, thus starving the enemy its fuel. So as a person with more normalised levels of human feelings may deal with their natural resistance to social situations with less trouble, a sufferer of the aforementioned conditions has a bigger battle with their resistant nature.

Dating is a social situation

Love is an emotional exchange

A depressive anxiety sufferer like me voids his emotions and fails to properly navigate social situations!



How do I date in order to find love?

How do I therefore lose my social status?

Do you, the reader, even care?!


Why does referring to relationships as ‘tactical coupling’ fail to impress in dating profiles?!


I raise a glass to all you singles out there

Down the drink when I see you happy couples out there

And then ask out the fellow drunks!


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