Said he in the teapot trying to conclude the separation of tea leaves from water


The merry one pouring most infused with expletives at the lack of liquid releasing


So the carrot ran rounder’s from the teacup to the saucer


For the two china pairing had split over the biscuits sly flirting and dipping


Now the lady in waiting did receive a verbal berating from the lady


For years in the waiting and our lady was yet to prove he was a lady


The delivery man wading in the spilling of the cheese that was self grating


No dairy product could switch off when the cow was constantly horny


As observed by the man serving tables with teapots that failed to do any pouring



2 thoughts on “Confusion?

    • As I am a flea, trickery me
      Ribbiting down the tree
      A frog to sing the merry song
      With a background of three
      As a manic attack doth preach
      Its all because I am a trickery flea

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