Darkness own to save a strip of whetched sin

Convert the cross of a man on the edge upon all an opening only hell can control

A second of the verse cast light from tortured tongue to make the soulless hurt

The man a cross of all his faith may beckon and fatally hold to hurt the whole

With bullet words fired from mouths of projectile hate in scenes a saint contorts

No more no less no ill no sail on seas into endless sands of that man’s pyre burnt

For when heavens hells did rise in jest so did the devil of a damned he would sing

Brought to the edge a times a told of timid tells to carry to sin the slyest of grins


Buy hey you hold in slightest slide, I ain’t done a deed by all that curse you beg


You fool you thing such thought as to challenge me, such angels hath failed to chain


Step so solid in fluid like motion make a gesture forward forth of a hallowed gun

No form to flee the free bird sings to spot the demon as a statue in what marks the sun

Whom yields the barrel feels mortal pain gone to pits from where a man is king


I am all a thousand screams of the ills cast to the graves marked by your signet ring


So command of vengeance falls to something a frail as paper flamed fails to condemn


Yet I of this wretched place have without choice of free being to your doom cast thin


Peace descends in the failing of a creature into closure of that place only hell controls

A ghost a man of what once was weight falls into graves carved a sunder by fates will

To arms he waits a hollow call to where once peace blessed the land of all unprepared

No more like sins flame rage in human form as was the man who steals angel’s wings


When the edge beckons battle the mortal fail, but the single one who harnesses his sin

Angels run in every way but down as all below shivers deep in fear of pain

The one who harnesses sin holds council over all that abides between

So know a shadow holds power where the light fails to a mere attempted dim

Thanks fall short when the one whose gun rises and loads with all that demons sing

For even a god of light and master of hate know the name of that fallen god

Fallen in human love soured by all the blaze his temper resistant to faith did bring


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