Between the O and the K!

“I’m ok” Exclaims a volatile tone

“Are you sure?” Asks a pathetically sympathetic taunt

“Really” bluntly slammed with a thousand tons of repression, beneath the thinnest veil of politeness

“You don’t sound ok” projects a mockingly failed attempt to grasp the meaning of ‘Ok’

“Really” carrying an awkwardly prolonged pause “I’m…. OK”

“Do you want to talk about anything?” continues the draggingly torturous vocal exchange

“Hath not you heard my TONE” An elevation of angst to weight the words with fury

“I have, and I think you need to talk to someone about your anger” offering gently a hand of peace

“You REALLY want to know what’s wrong” rageful voice subdued to subtle menace

“Yes, let me know” sitting so slow as if in fear of a reaction to sudden movement

“Ok, where to begin”…..

(Ten minutes later)

“ARHHHHGGGGHHHHHHHH” and breathe “ARRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” gently rocking to and fro

“As I said, I’m ok”


Between the O and K of that weighty word lies a lot

Make sure you’re ready to take it on before pushing!



8 thoughts on “Between the O and the K!

    • I say “I’m ok” because what I have troubling me reeks of all that’s wrong with the emotional state of self destructive hatred

      And A)People recoil and run for thier life, or B)Condemn you with a look

      IDK, I’m winging my mental health on a regular basis!!
      And I can handle displays of emotion, because they no longer illicit an emotional reaction of any kind!!!!!!!!

      • Good to know, I won’t be crying on your shoulder unless my tears become made of acid rain. Dead inside just doesn’t do it for me but assuming you feel physical pain…
        Yeah, ignore me, it’s hot and humid and I’m pms-y so my niceness is MIA.

      • I’m afraid to say, you don’t qualify as a friend

        Instead you have the honour of bieng added to the list of people ‘I give a damn about’, none of the hang ups of friendship and i can actually talk to you!

        Condolences and therapy would have been sent but you already have those!!

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