Sleep… peels… Zleep… Nleep Sow… Zedtime BBB… Zeally Sed Nleep…

So the hour hammer falls to shatter the edge of all I claim to make the corrupted sane. ZZzzZZ+Z. A crack descending into splits down avenues so abandoned the darkness has left. The mark of a hand on a disc to dispel time spells the entering of that o’clock known as one. zzZzZzZz-WakE =ZZZ. Why waking eyes do view so fresh the things tired minds misuse to make pictures whole. Doubling over pain a symptom cast for alien views on all the better minded do disapprove. Shooting straight through cracks whom still descend and split to form a single line. ZZzZzZzzZZzzzz… Hammer only primed by the ill hounded harrier of carrion calm known as warning bells. Yet still in screens light do misfiring neurons cast letters in nonsense to patterns well thought. So sleep a day a night a week a year if only eyes wide open would give rest the name in calls. ZnowZpleaseZnowZresistZZ. Twisting straight where words fell afoul of ghoulish voices deep where still waters carry my soul. Z+BeD. Beds a mess of sheets stained a thousand full of all the sheep who commit off cliffs the fence did warn. Angels weep to see a sight of all the black this mortal view will bless a restful rise of z z and z. Insane a mind so lost on bountiful files in cabinets labelled when the veil of sleep may fall. sleep Zow NNN. Process all I give you a head full of empty lies to prevent the climb to a bedrooms promised behest. All so one who types in riddles known the whence his need for sleep refuses to call time. All so one who now finds black a cost of all the beds angry terms to deals to which I now claim the prize. Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Zzzzzzzzzzz.


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