To Celebrate or have Celebrated?

It’s here, that momentous day to crush mercilessly any menial average 24hrs that hath fallen before it; so what now?

Here lies the crux of the title for this piece:


You: It’s my big day today; I bought a cake for everyone to share

Other person/s: Well-done, congratulations… and is that double chocolate?!


Other person/s: CONGRATULATIONS, how do you feel?

You: I feel… Great?… and look, everyone is here… yay?


To celebrate is to mark merrily and/or privately an occasion on your particular terms, no muddling pollution from outside forces to corrupt the pure festivity of the days magnificent events. To do it on your terms and those alone the aspired purpose of the festivities you plan, whether the quietly private beverage to be consumed in anonymous solitude is dreamy perfection, or the most rambunctious party to shatter eardrums and expectations upon mere range of the revelry is the method of choice.

To have it celebrated is a peculiarly risky affair by observing all the mixed reactions I have yet encountered, as in regards to the perilous chance that by overriding and assuming a celebration method it could evoke both riotous positivity or damning silence from the intended celebrity of the instant. The question to ask here is for whom the attention is meant, the selfishly motivated objective to appear a star by bringing to public attention the occasion, or by flipside a genuine attempt to bring joy to another’s existence.


So to which are you most favourable?


This humble wordsmith would conclude that in measured and safe levels a slightly presumptuous yet classically framed presentation of a cake is not amiss, within the confides of safe parameters that comes with a suitable familiarity with the intended target/celebrity of the day! A gift tastefully presented in the form of food and vouchers is most versatile (and exchangeable if so required) within the said limits of that aforementioned fabled ‘safe parameters’.

But to each person lies the knowledge and choice to enable a most perfect example of etching their own mark of happy refrain on the immortally manifest day, when they can surround or avoid as wished the presence of the wider world on such terms and conditions as they see fit.

A truly custom affair…


Let us just say that both sides of this questioning equation have been planned and prepared for, in all my socially fronted anti-social glory!


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