An Image to carry the Words

Happy Birthday

So Fuckith life for the factual fact that within the parody of a yearly passing this so solemnly constructed curse upon all that freely smiles is stillith existing within the basic terms of life and for doth the blade will claim before the next yearly passing dons a merry frock and celebrationary style posts this image again

Happy Birthday my Shadow, the form hath faded to hollow nature but this apparition will imprint it’s words to those who listen and send corrupted smiles to all who so care


4 thoughts on “An Image to carry the Words

    • I go with the wonderfully vague ‘I have issues’ line and let folks run at the sight of my unnerving smile, or go silent as I say how if I’m not in tomorrow, I’ve topped myself!

      This weeds the normalised merry flowers from the fucked up hidden beauty lot that I like to spend time with, and of course by my standards ‘fucked up’ is a compliment
      You have to be careful to specify that in case someone takes offence!

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