Comment 245XT78DY9; ERROR ERROR

A creep, a slither
A stalking crawl
The bar steward had me
Hung me with every best intended word
That cruel little demon in all but form
Love you subtle torturer
You damned sly cause for every fated fall



A simple emotion carried too far
An innocent notion carried to where I fall
You ran and condemned me
Slammed me with every venomous word
But the bitch of a flame still burns me
And if I am to suffer this curse so cruel
You’re going down too

And a contribution from the author of the piece I posted this comment on:

Body bowed, hips burned, knees bent
Tis but an affliction from the possession of the beast
Neither good nor bad but superior at least
Perhaps this is all a bunch of nonsense
So a shot or two for me & you
Whatever happens, happens.


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