Comments as echoes in my posting past

A man who lives in storms counts success as survival, so when fortune smiles and adds him to the lucky few he will always be humble
So once to have nothing he knows the value of giving, where once no roof existed he gives up his shelter to more deserving
But despite the illusion fostered that he is a good man to give and be kind, it is only because he only trusts the storm from whence he was saved, and in its lashing embrace he finds the only love he ever truly knew

The moment I crossed her, the second I knew the mere hint of a line to step beyond was but a mere illusion of what I may wish to retreat back over

The word she said, a dagger as poison as the tip of a scorpion so poised to strike

The moment she struck me, the second I knew there was so much more than what my eyes could ever wish to tell

The whip, the look, the pleasure so poised to fuel painful love

The moment it changed, so happy to be but a mere slave to all demands that bitch commands

To oceans, to the mercy of the winds
To waters, too deep to see the depths
To you, into your eyes I descend
To love, the method by which I willingly drown

Apologies if already posted


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