Volcanoes; Games and fun filled eruptive glory!

Day1: I’m fine

Day2: No problems

Day3: Still ok

Day4-9: Getting by


Day50.5: You look a bit shell-shocked, are you ok… I’m fine

Day51: Doing ok

Day52: I’m fine

The ability to seamlessly without any air of an issue transition from our finely answering fellow of mellow tone, to the raging creature from depths that once held the devil to rights in every fiery loaded second of captivity is a symptom of repression. One word to strike deeply a fearful blow to anyone of easily offended temperament (poor souls who have never lived with me!) as without slightest provocation will rupture the very air with an acidic malaise of words to melt stone.

How to tell if someone is repressed

Are they British? Given that I’m British, do you need anymore proof of the reliability of that symptom!

Have you ever heard a bad word eek out of the coolly smiling slab of stone you call a co-worker, friend or if you’re really crazy; husband or wife

Has all calamity of chaos embodied in the very act of god that hath cast ruin to the day/week/month even roused a minute reactionary note above ‘Oh Darn’

I can tell you now, when they break it will be fun to watch!

Unless unlike me you are not of the sub-species of humans that hugs his depression warmly and sits down to tea with his demons for sake of not caring they have been trying to kill him for years, in which case maybe a slightly opposed reaction to the eventful ‘cracking’ I have referenced will unfold.

How to deal with it

  • Have you ever tried to stop an act of nature?
  • Have you managed to change the very fabric of the universe?
  • Have you ever successfully altered human nature?

If the response given to these merely small acts of godly aptitude lack any resounding positive reaction I recommend you get a pair of earphones, a safe room and above all a sense of repression yourself, there by not adding to the eruptive volatility of the already expressive human in the room showering curses on whatever minor event has proven a suitable trigger.

And look at the fluffily dancing elves riding bunnies and corralling bad dreams, so they can cheer them up… I would continue trying to add a positive twist on this but I just filled a bucket, twice.

Living with it

Most of the time normalised folk with no such experience of what I have only lightly traversed so far will hear and have to deal with amateur rage, pithy little outbursts of shrivelling anger to bounce off your hardened defences with such ineptitude as a foam sword against an armoured truck (or a husbands attempts to lie convincingly to his wife, whilst presenting flowers!).

You on the other hand get the prime rib of intense ruptures in the very material of what shockingly defines the bitter explosive nature of anger itself, a show akin to the creation of stars in an expanse of superb colours blooming in every shade within red, before the lava free vessel returns to safely understating levels of unfeeling reactions.

And when all is done, like the passing storm, calm returns for an age of prosperous sanctuary with the added bonus that if you so wish to follow suit in full eruptive glory, that person has no right to complain!

Remember folks; Mental health is fun, you just have to be screwed up to get the joke!



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