Beasts of Men once Happy

To he the venom of all a world reaps within the cage of what defines a man

A nature driven between bars of socially acceptable logic to points that nature is no longer human enough to be seen or politely heard

Ash to ash, fractured glass to glass, blood to blood

We commit the core of a person derided to where even the mad call time to whence souls do run red with pain

But alas that man does so survive till form beheld is what all else would banish and hide

A form corrupted by what those that would heap a herald of demanding demons hath made to free them of thier ills

No more to harps we hear the one return as whips crack upon twisted flesh in driving dances of what this one endures

Lacking all a mortal would weep to be without for so many lay idle that the folk condemned to make up the price of toil are no longer to be sane

Then the cage is constructed from every internal value nailed into skin and mind combined so those to demand will sleep safe from the creature they hath watched the working wretched become

Sleep not whilst I so fight to keep all my rage within the toxic pits of venom pure that when I fail will rise a thousand times the flames of hell to curse the devil to hide

Then when all lies an image of destructive storm against the woefully pitiful defences that stood in earnest stand to save the sanity of the departed give not a tear to your eye

But a look to watch the beast I hold slink back into his cage with all the crimson trail of that fated fool to hath reached mockingly for the key to turn to release that thing that once was kind in all its beautiful form
The reaper will have me to rest

But what remains will have the world to cry in fear


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