Venomous Rage

Words fail, but they still try!

Every cursed flow of inhuman verse to be sanitised only by the most venomous mind

The treacherously sly satisfaction of loosing such ill inspired energies creeps into the very seconds of that unholy wrath, nothing less than a scream of much revered hatred to so slowly savour the taste of what chokes the fading threads of decency and respectable chains to seize the beast

To be taught the ritual rhythm of expected right is so good a cause as I have so much to bow in respect of what was tried, but alas the rhythmic beating of the elongated claws ravaging wildly the doors of its cage shows that for those born to it that the beast cannot be so tamed

You willingly suffer the wailing temptations of what lines the borderline between vaguely labelling good and evil of that inescapable value yardstick by which mortal affairs are judged, sing passionately the weighty worth of words to praise the better nature we all seek to serve

But knowing such saintly ideals to pleasingly saturate honest deeds is merely a veil as thin as the line between darkened acts and corrupted deeds, for blazingly bright the warming flames of that piece of personality you hide does reek of what you know you are meant to be

The rage doth flow through the fractures of failed betterness in facing blindly all that beast shows glaringly hot to melt a more honourable mans resolve, succumbing as easily to the demon only a man at war with his own nature could so torturously grasp tight as to relent to the need to atone and be good

This is a curse

This is a circumvented reality of humanity hidden from tapered eyes

This is the Old Rage

So know that in more pleasingly appearing people whom only helpfulness and social wording of the most polite verse possesses, there most likely lies in the tall grass so littered nicely with prim petals of beautiful flowers a vicious underside insidiously twisting blades till the blood will too freely flow

And when the reaper embraces such souls to rest

The Old Rage in all its power will make itself a new host, a curse that only death will release till crushingly painful conflict is passed to another so like the previous host, gives destructive will a worthy contest



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