Humour in a shade of apocalyptic fury!

Needed a laugh at 3AM in the morning, given my lack of sleep is too bad a joke!
Enjoy, or not

Ghost of a Shadow

PS: There’s a reason people say I’m weird with a capital W!

It was the winter of discontent, hell on earth, raining brimstone and fire upon the scorched ground

Happy people prayed for mercy, offered their mortal souls to the lord above for but a glimpse of sun

“Why us, save us… please save us”

Folks ran for cover as all around them was reduced to mere shelter from the endless storm

“Why hath thou forsaken us, what can we do”

Preachers of old spread their apocalyptic verbs to all who are forced to huddle in the church

“And as it was the sky rained down on the unworthy”


The manic depressive stands in the eye of the storm; steadfast and figuring he was already damned

A casual brush of the hand to clear the brimstone from his shoulder, a quick dodge of the flames

“You call this weather…

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