Throw some more crazy on the fire

“Fuck You”

My words so eloquently pronounced to the sly figure hugging shadows in the corner of this particular bar

“Would you entertain the particulars of just how one would like to start their decent to hell?”

Life so politely offers the wretch in rags his one way ticket down


Having just decided on the flimsiest of whims that tonight is my night to return I would unreservedly so write a condemning few words to mark the occasion, as follows;

“Ladies, gentleman, wretch’s and those formally known as human

Tonight a monumentally escalated event to fail so utterly to compare to anything remotely close to meaningful has occurred, an expectation voiding failure to even dent that of human endeavour right before your very eyes

I hath returned to the wordy arena of exposure to express my ever minor, major and terminal fatal flaw for all a few to read and ignore, or unless they feel so blessed to acknowledge maybe leave a comment or a like to show I am not just satisfying my own pen

I have dragged myself through the metaphorical muddy ditch of crazy to emerge a sullied form saturated with depressive drawl, but alas only find my metaphorical happiness a sluggish crawl towards helping me cope

So to you I confess my depression’s wish to end my life in bloody style, in all but the actual act, because when the razor severs flesh I know life in all its sly shadow hugging form will just return me to suffer the endless torment of being asked “Why?”

So read one, read all, or merely placate the world with appearances of reading and say you are well versed with the writings of an ever so mortal fool

In conclusion I bid a goodnight, a good morn and whatever the fuck the time related greeting is in your corner of the world”


And that’s how you make a return!



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