The Words of a Less Wise Man Pt2

When you repeatedly rebuild empires out of ruins

Ingenuity walks astride with creativity in constant rumble

Imagination a force beyond what better blessed can comprehend

When corrupted by darker initiatives in the hour of storms

**    **   **

I was but a moral in the eye of a fitful storm

Words a plenty in the insatiable ravages of all the chaos this vessel bore

Saints so fallen and given to the bottle an eluded cure, for which the dagger bleeds a sonnet in waters corrupted by tainted lies


The Words of a Less Wise Man Pt1

The curse of a memory torn into the very fabric of a personality’s frame

When all the ruptured fragment conjures is a contrasting image to the projection we wish to dream

**    **   **

Hate is merely love with a knife in its hand

Love is just a bar steward with a knife behind its back

**    **   **

Conflict consumes resources such as sanity and stability

So do not deride a world weary man who is at war with his nature