3 thoughts on “Death; without death

  1. I am in no real hurry for a dirt nap, but I don’t really fear it because…final everlasting peace…sounds pretty good to me. Someting to look forward rather than fear but then, I am effed up in the head so what do I know?

    • I feel like my ability to not take a hint may have meant I missed the dirt nap, now I’m on the waiting list of forever for my mortality to catch up with the rest of me!

      But if you want an authentic hanging decoration this Halloween?!

      Ps: will be active on WordPress again so expect some very late but properly inappropriate wording in the comments box!

      • Properly inappropriate makes me nethers tingle,woo hoooo ❤

        And while I love authentic hanging decor, I must reiterate…if I am stuck in this shit show, you are staying here with me. Misery loves company, yada yada.

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