Best potential by the means of ill worth

All that makes me perfect for the adaptation to any crisis

The furthering of kindness and will to make right

Such calm when looking into the face of utmost chaos

Is born of all I resent, hate and that has only one goal…

….my destruction by the fanned flames of who I am;

The best of both sides from the dealings between hell and heaven

And the destroyer of my oh so fragile life

For to possess two sides of perfection

Only works if the keys to their potential are ready to open the lock

And let me be free of fear, hatred and the want to feel worth

Dark Ramblings

A demon’s own hand silences its own torture

The reach of chaos from where best intentions turned hope to soured pain

Screams never hold volume when only the one in pain hears their own cries

Oceans of ash to stamp into history all the bridges burnt in quest for companies hand

A demon’s blood as red as a mortal’s own life giving liquid

Dust and poison in viens carry forth the continuation of dismay as no knife can pierce the skin of stone bound to sin

When all the above begin to burn words uttered by crowds of tainted spirits into the very air you breathe out

And all the words waiting to be cast as judgement below scorn with venom a name as simple as the one I own

No matter the will to carry torches of honesty and better cause if only the mob’s quiet stares ever want your presence

So a demon’s own hand once more is required to mark the flesh to which it is attached

And pain forever more falls silent to the lies of illusion you show the world

Farewell humanity

You never did fit in me and all my own hand will end

Endeavour to find a vessel worthy as mine decays from within