Best potential by the means of ill worth

All that makes me perfect for the adaptation to any crisis

The furthering of kindness and will to make right

Such calm when looking into the face of utmost chaos

Is born of all I resent, hate and that has only one goal…

….my destruction by the fanned flames of who I am;

The best of both sides from the dealings between hell and heaven

And the destroyer of my oh so fragile life

For to possess two sides of perfection

Only works if the keys to their potential are ready to open the lock

And let me be free of fear, hatred and the want to feel worth

One thought on “Best potential by the means of ill worth

  1. Hang on, I am bringing my Z-Whacker to beat the negative brain messages and lacking self confidence darkness away from you…Then that damn bar steward can pour us both a few drinks and we can compare our psychological booboos til we make the steward so depressed, he voluntarily eats pesticides. Then we will use pool sticks to point at and poke his corpse and boast about how badass we are for surviving another day to wish…we had not survived. ❤
    You know me, dude, ray of black sunshine.

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