An Observation

                      “Maybe Valentines was created by all the happy horde who couldn’t stomach the sight of bleak nothing for four darkly lit weeks, those accustomed to death without dying content to bask in cold sunshine and relish the lack of pretence this dead month exposes with empty vistas of frozen fields and bare trees”

4 thoughts on “An Observation

    • You only get razor blades in “Anti-Singles” cards these days, with a message saying “You are not married with kids at this age? Do the right thing”
      I did pitch the idea hallmark but they all went very silent and security very nicely gave me the card for thier therapist, with thier number on the back
      Didn’t want to tell the poor guy I’m not gay!!

      • I like to call it Hallbarf because some of those insipid overpriced cards really do make me wanna barf.
        I am more a sarcastic 2 for $1.00 greeting card person.
        If you wanna do the right thing, you will remain in this living hellpit with me so we can keep each other realistically dreary.

      • Late on reply, but humorously linked
        I designed a card game about suicide, having to get a place, reason, method card to win and seeing how many ‘people’ cards you can tie into you spun yarn about how, when and why …because if you didn’t have to make up a story too, way too boring!

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