Feb 14th


The sight of…

Weakened by news from all corners that creates painful echoes of the lacking happiness and hollow pits in your own life where love should be

An emotional fugitive slips free of logic’s chains in an instant of weakening frivolity

A glitch occurs as you threaten to approach her and offer the most meagre of words

Rejection from the last time you asked purposely rejected so to propel an illusion it is not the screamingly bad idea you know it to be

She fades into background as you pause and leaves the space empty of wanted eyes as now you wander if she glimpsed the fire in your eyes

Logic’s hounds mercilessly drag bloodied emotion back into its cursed cage as free of poison temptation you accept the futility of finding love

The rarest of moments gone again in the decimal hell of mathematical impossibility that you will have such opportunity again

The moment is merely another ghost now in a graveyard of failed pleads to put misery’s heartbreak to rest in one of the many graves you only hope to fill

Ghosts of when you thought you might recover the status of ‘human’ and be happy again

Fire leaving your eyes as again ice consumes the fledgling hope born of a glitch in the system that forces mercenary rules upon the emotionless landscape of your mind

The system of survival that only ever accepts death as a reality in life’s bleak nothingness

Another Feb 14th passes without note

One thought on “Feb 14th

  1. Sir Bob, Love, you are a premature pessimist as V’tine’s is still a week away. Of course, we are 99.9% sure it is gonna be as asinine and uneventful as ever, but….if we keep slamming those doors and padlocking them, what if some drunken could-be Valentine tries to get our attention?
    Yeah, optimism, I just threw up a little in my own mouth but I have a valid point. Even if it ain’t true love and other fairytales, you never know, you might find someone unexpectedly to have a pleasant evening with that does not impact your credit score or leave your heart and mind further scarred.
    Stop laughing at me and sticking pins into the voodoo doll, dude. Even if having hope against all odds makes us feel dumb and naive, it still means we have enough hope and rebellion to extend both middle fingers and tell life to go fuck itself, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.
    So think not of it as optimism or naivete or idocy…think of it as the world mocking us and us just flipping it off in the minute event something awesome might happen. Question authority and rebel against fate.

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